What to expect when attending the group

Each group lasts for 2 hours and the average attendance of the group at present is 12 people.  Here is the typical format of a group session:

1) Introduction/Rules
The facilitators will introduce themselves and briefly explain where the amenities are located in the building.  Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for one of people in attendance to read the group rules aloud if they wish to, otherwise a facilitator will read the rules.

2) Opening Round
During this, people are given a chance, if they wish to, to say a few words about how they are feeling or how their week/month has been.

3) Pair-work
For this, names will be randomly picked out and each person will be paired up to chat about social anxiety on any topic they wish to, for approximately 10 minutes.

4) Notices
eople will be informed of any upcoming socials or events being organized that might of interest.

5) Activity dependant on what type of session it is
(See the next section below for more details)

6) Closing Round
Everyone will be given another chance to express any thoughts or feelings they wish to.

7) Closing Statement
A few short reminders will be read out by either a facilitator or one of the other people in

= If you do not wish to take part in some of the activities within the group, it is perfectly fine to pass, and this is perfectly understandable =

Types of Sessions

  • New Members
    New members are welcome at any session but we understand that it can be difficult to attend an established group where you think you may be the only new person there. New members sessions not only increase the chance of meeting other new members but we also discuss what Social Anxiety is, how it affects people and useful information/tips/techniques/treatments which other members have found help them.
    Existing members are always welcome to new members sessions.
  • Topic and Goal Setting 
    Members will each be given a question sheet which can be used to prompt discussion on the chosen subject for that session. Members will be split into small groups of around 5 or 6 people.  There will be another small group discussion afterwards, to discuss and think about any goals that you may wish to achieve in the future.
  • Public Speaking
    This is an opportunity for members to practice speaking in front of people in a safe and supportive environment. If you do not wish to speak at this time, you may find it beneficial to attend and listen to what is being said.
  • Games 
    A number of board games will be made available.  This gives people an opportunity to interact with other members from the group and get to know them a bit better.
  • Creative/Art
    In this session, a selection of materials will be available for people to draw or create anything they want, there will be ideas provided of things you can do (colouring, making collages, making a vision board, making cards, etc).  This is an opportunity to nurture and express your creativity.
  • Drama/Improvisation

    Drama/improvisation feature games that are less challenging than conventional drama/improv games.
    The activities are done either in pairs or as a group as a whole.
    An email is normally sent out before thession giving a brief description of which activities we would be doing.
    Drama/Improv sessions are useful in building confidence and in helping you worry less about things you do and say